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Personal Destiny Reading £33

Who are you? Discover your destiny and feel like you really know yourself and why you are here. Your personality, approach to life and your shadow side (things to watch out for)

This goes brilliantly with the next reading below - Life Path Reading a total cost of £77 for both. 


Life Path Reading £44

Why are you here?  Discover your life path numbers and your four stages of enlightenment (periods of your life).  Find out your Karmic lessons and if you have any Karmic debt for a previous life.  This reading can help you get clear on your journey and focus you on which goals you want to work on, whilst giving you an insight into any distractions that might come your way.  Find out which personal year you are in this year and focus your energies on working with the support of your numbers.


Your Year Ahead Reading 12mth £55

Your year ahead, the next 12 months.  What should you work on this year?  Which Personal year are you in and what number energies should you be working with?  Gain an insight into your future year. A full 12 month reading from whenever you book for the next 12 months (e.g. March 2022 until Feb 2023)


Nickname/Baby name/Pet name reading £11

Do you have a nickname that you've always been know by?  Find out what this says about you and which energies it brings to your life.  Naming your baby?  Let see what your chosen names mean.

Great to use when naming a pet too!


Date reading £11

Do you have a special date coming up?  Are you choosing when to have a special event?  Wedding? Business launch? Naming ceremony?  Have a personal date reading for that specific date and see which energies you will be working with on that day. 
Add in an extra date for £5


Business Name reading £33

Struggling to choose a business name?  Or want to find out what energies your business name has?  Book this reading for an insight into your business name.  Includes business coaching advice regarding branding as well as the intuitive reading.

Business Services

Your Business Year & Goal Setting £77

Your business year ahead, a monthly reading letting you know what to focus on each month in your business. Includes business coaching advice regarding goal setting.  Click the button below for Virtual Vic - for Business Start Up Coaching, IT Software Support and more.

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