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A bit about me

I'm Vic, lovely to meet you. Although, I've always been interested in ghosts, spirits, witches, it's only in the last few years that I have become more spiritual myself and recognised my own intuition and psychic abilities. I've always had a fascination with numbers. Not Maths! Numbers and the patterns they make. so when a friend introduced me to Numerology at a Christmas party, I was hooked!

I've always struggled with trying to get a balance between the 'normal' side of life and my 'witchy woo' side of life. It wasn't until recently that I have managed to get over this hurdle, (and I'm only halfway over it now!)

What would friends and family think of me? How can I run a 'normal' IT business and still be a witchy weirdo? After a chance meeting with a psychic medium who gave me a bit of a kick up the bum and nudge in the right direction. I spent a few days soul searching, I decided - why can't I? Whats to stop me running two businesses, one 'normal' and one spiritual? Why can't I be myself - I have these two sides so lets use them!

I realised that it was all about getting the balance right. Once this clicked for me I used my tech skills and set up Enlightening Numbers. (of course I used Numerology to come up with the biz name too!)

I'm now able to use my intuition and numerology to help people learn more about themselves and heal, grow and get a sense of direction for the future. I love helping people to realise that they are on the right path, being able to offer that sense of reassurance and guidance really resonates with my soul purpose and makes me feel fulfilled.

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