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Enlightening Numbers - understanding your life path with Numerology


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Numerology Readings

Numerology readings are a great way to gain insight into yourself and your life path.  Feeling like you are unsure or that you don't know who you are?  A personal numerology reading can help you find your feet.  I use Pythagorean Numerology as well as my own psychic intuition to create your readings.  Find out more below.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient study of numbers that dates back to Pythagoras in 500 BC.  Pythagoras discovered that there was a direct relationship between numbers and musical notes or vibrations.  I use his theory along with my own intuition to create your reading. Find out more about Numerology here...

Business Services

As well as being a Numerologist I also run a a successful IT & business management business.  With my experience in the business world and my intuitive numerology skills I am able to offer a unique approach to setting your business goals, find out more below...


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